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My name is Renee and I create many different things. Not being able to specialize in one or maybe even two of my passions, I finally embraced the inevitable fact that I cannot stick to one discipline. That’s a good thing, because I simply have to create!

Recently I realised that I am not one of the few with this creative urge. I am not alone! That’s very comforting and stimulating at the same time.

There is no hesitation when I say that I make beautiful things. And I’m proud of my work!

“The woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an artist” (St. Francis of Assisi)

It is important for me to be involved in the whole process of creation, from start till finish. The design begins in my head and my hands make it from my heart. Something with a soul emerges, seemingly out of nowhere. It has been made with passion. The time and thoughts that are part of the process get a special meaning. Not only to me, but also to the one who receives my creation. It means a lot to me when customers recognize this passion and appreciate it. In a distant way, I become part of their lives because of what I made for them.

It has been a long journey from the very first knitted doll's scarf (1970) until the quilts, greeting cards, teddy bears, jewelry, accessories (today). This journey hasn’t reached its final destination yet, not by far. Every day I learn new things: about techniques, about my products and about what people like and what they don't like. Gradually I’ve come to realize that it has been good for me to start my own company; this truly fits me like a glove.

I am thankful to my father who taught me how to hold a hammer and to make do with what is available. I am thankful to my mother who had the rare gift to be able to make with her hands what she saw in her head. And I am eternally thankful to my maternal grandmother for teaching me the old school crafts.